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Planning my journey

Using public transport as an alternative to driving has many advantages, including the fact you don’t have to find a parking spot, you can get around congested town centres more easily, and it is often cheaper than taking the car.

By planning your journey in advance you can save money on ticket prices and ensure you get to where you want to go on time. There are many resources to help you plan your journey on buses, trains and trams, including those below.

Traveline is useful for planning regional public transport journeys. You can also call the information line on 0871 200 22 33.

National Rail Enquiries has details of train times and fares.

Transport for London offers advice on travelling in London.

Other alternatives to driving

Using public transport isn’t the only alternative to using your car. Walking and cycling are of course both free methods of transport and keep you healthier too. They offer a great way of getting around congested areas and parking isn’t normally a problem.

To help plan your cycle route or pedestrian adventure, the following websites may be useful:

Walk it - walking route maps

Living Streets - a community hub

Sustrans - maps of the National Cycle Network

Cycle Scheme - information on tax-free bikes.

By-the-hour bike hire

Various schemes are available in the UK including:

Santander Cycles - London

Bike2Go scheme - Dumfries & Galloway

Nextbike scheme - Glasgow

Hirebike - Lincoln

Citybike - Liverpool

Cycle CoNNect - Northampton 

Citycard - Nottingham

Readybike - Reading

Southport Cycle Hire - Southport


Alternatively you may want to consider joining a car club or sharing lifts to split fuel costs.

LiftShare operates car-sharing schemes across Scotland, matching registered users with other people making similar journeys.

Carplus provides a network of car clubs across Scotland, allowing you to cut out the costs of owning a car, whilst having access to one nearby.