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Market Intelligence Portal Tool

Market Intelligence Portal for the supply chain in Scotland

Screenshot of market intelligence portal tool

If you are an installer, assessor, manufacturer or anyone else involved with energy efficiency and renewables in Scotland, then you'll know the importance of understanding the market in which you operate.

Having listened to your feedback through our Sustainable Energy Supply Chain Programme we're pleased to provide you with a tool - the Market Intelligence Portal - to help your business understand the domestic energy and renewables market in Scotland.  

The Portal does this by presenting data in the form of maps to show the potential for specific home improvement measures by area(s). The tool is funded by the European Request 2 Action project and is supported by the Scottish Government.

There are lots of opportunitities in the market which are reflected in the latest Scottish House Condition Survey which shows that:

  • 86% of solid wall properties (528,000) in Scotland are not insulated
  • 34.9% or around 845,000 households in Scotland are fuel poor and 9.5% are living in extreme fuel poverty
  • 15% of properties are off gas grid representing 371,000 properties, representing significant potential for renewable heat

This tool is part of an initial pilot project which we are working on, and if you sign up to become a user we will contact you in the future to get your feedback.  All feedback received from users is extremely important as it will help us develop the next version of the tool.

How it works

The Market Intelligence Portal has been designed using data from Home Analytics Scotland, which collates data from numerous sources (eg: EPC, HEED, HEC) and models this information to present a complete dataset covering all of Scotland's housing stock. Using standard Google Maps as a base, we have overlaid data zone maps so that users can identify neighbourhoods with high potential for particular measures.  Maps can also be filtered for particular characteristics, (e.g for a specific local authority). The maps currently include data on the following measures:

  • Uninsulated cavity walls
  • Uninsulated solid walls
  • Off-gas properties
  • Solar PV potential
  • Biomass boiler potential
  • ECO HHCRO eligibillity

Each map includes data for all 6,975 data zones in Scotland.  For reference, a data zone typically includes between 500 and 2000 residents.

How do I get access

  • You have to complete the on-line registration form
  • Once completed your registration form will be verified by the Energy Saving Trust for authorisation
  • If approved, you will then receive an email confirming your access, with a link to the portal and user guide

Please note: access to the portal requires a Gmail account, if you do not have one, you can create one here.

Important Documents 

  • Portal user guide - a guide with screenshots to help you navigate the portal and get the most out of the data
  • Data dictionary - a detailed explanation of the assumptions behind each measure

Any questions

If you have any questions regarding the Market Intelligence Portal, then please email us at

Terms and conditions

Please note users will be subject to our terms and conditions


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