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Events in Scotland

Upcoming events and webinars


We have regular events throughtout the year to help you save energy every day.

Check out what events are in your area... 


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A webinar can be a discussion, seminar or presentation that takes place on the internet in real time, allowing participants to see and hear the presenter, usually as a video or audio with slides. Webinars are a great interactive way to learn more about an area that interests you. Take a look and get signed up! 

Up and coming webinars

Date of webinar Date of webinar Date of webinar Topic Topic area Registration details
30 August 2017 Ecohomes and Passivehauses  Renewables Sign up now
12 October 2017 Renewable Heating Solutions Sign up now
2 November 2017 Solutions for Historical and Hard-to-Treat Homes  Sign up now
23 November 2017 Smart Homes Sign up now
22 February 2018 A Householder's Guide to Energy Storage  Sign up now


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Giving your home a check up could help you to save £250 a year. Get started by using our online Home Energy Check tool.

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