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Product Verification

Energy Saving Trust Product Verification is a bespoke service, designed to assist you in communicating the energy related and performance benefits of your products. 

Energy Saving Trust Verified By LogoWith so many products and energy claims in the marketplace, it can be difficult for consumers to know which products are the most efficient and which claims to trust. Our verification service offers manufacturers independent verification of a product’s energy and performance claims. We can help to develop clear and accurate messages demonstrating the performance of your products in ways that customers can easily understand. 

We have provided Product Verification for manufacturers of:

  • home appliances (for example, verifying running cost and savings claims)
  • domestic building and heating products (for example, verifying heat output claims)
  • new energy efficiency technologies 

How does it work?

Our Product Verification process has three simple steps:

  1. Scoping the project
  2. Independent verification of product performance data 
  3. Developing factual, informative, consumer-facing claims for use in your promotional materials. 

What are the benefits of EST Product Verification?

  • Greater visibility of products and potential for increased sales.
    (EST Verified products are promoted to consumers and supply chain professionals via the EST Register, which is our online searchable product database. The EST Register is also promoted to a housing and construction professional audience via our regular news bulletin*) 
  • Customer assurance about the energy performance of products – use of the EST Verified brandmark in your marketing demonstrates that product energy related claims have been checked by a trusted and independent organisation.
  • Greater opportunity to engage customers with the use of clear and relevant marketing messages, helping them to make informed choices.
  • Support retailer channels through the provision of brand marketing messages for point of sale use.
  • Competitive advantage by differentiating your products from others in the market.
  • Potential for increased loyalty from customers as you demonstrate commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability.

*EST Register has over 6,700 monthly visitors; EST Register bulletin is circulated to an influential audience of housing, construction and supply chain professionals.

Beko Case Study

Find out how we helped Beko communicate the energy efficiency of their EcoSmart range.

Next steps

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