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Field trials

Energy Saving Trust have carried out field trials of energy saving and renewable energy products since 2001, in order to evaluate product performance and customer experiences of products in real life situations.

We work with energy suppliers, government, trade bodies and manufacturers to understand the performance of low-carbon technologies and energy efficient measures in domestic and commercial environments. Field trials can involve either established technology or new innovations that require performance to be assessed as part of the research and development process.

You may be a manufacturer introducing a new product to market, or a local authority wanting to understand the impact of potential retrofit technology - our ability to implement projects, ranging from large scale field trials to individual case studies, means we can design and run trials for a wide range of audiences and purposes.

We have completed field trials for the following technologies:

  • condensing boilers
  • advanced room thermostats
  • small-scale wind turbines
  • heat pumps
  • LED lighting
  • solar water heating systems
  • solid wall insulation
  • cavity wall insulation
  • evaluating the impact of retrofit in over 150 homes

We can also provide energy and environmental monitoring services for clients requiring building performance evaluation.

Field trials of individual manufacturer’s products

Small-scale field trials are an engaging way for manufacturers to demonstrate product performance through a trusted and independent organisation. 

These projects usually involve conducting energy monitoring research in a sample of approximately 10-15 homes, in order to generate valuable data and facilitate a robust evaluation of product performance across a variety of building types or consumer groups. Field trials can also generate the performance data needed to enable a product’s energy performance claims to become EST Verified.

What are the benefits of field trials?

  • Credible product testing with independent and unbiased field trial design and delivery.
  • Accurate calculations of actual carbon and energy savings generated from products.
  • Trusted information for consumers about product energy performance – use of the EST Product Verification brandmark in your marketing demonstrates that product energy related claims have been checked by a specialist energy organisation.
  • Greater opportunity to engage customers with the use of clear and relevant marketing messages (provided with the Product Verification service), helping them to make informed choices.
  • Valuable insight from research to help inform future technology development.

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