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Approved Products

We provide an independent listing of energy efficient products that meet UK regulatory requirements, helping consumers and supply chain professionals to identify products that meet their needs. 

We currently offer the EST Approved brandmark for:

Energy Saving Trust Approved LogoOur list of Approved products provides manufacturers with a unique opportunity to communicate product information to target audiences. The EST Approved product brandmark is used to demonstrate the energy performance of products, and all Approved products are listed on the EST Register. This makes it easy for industry professionals and consumers to search for energy efficient products.     

What are the benefits of EST Approved? 

  • Greater visibility of products and potential for increased sales
    (EST Approved products are promoted to consumers and supply chain professionals via the EST Register, which is our online searchable product database. The EST Register is also promoted to a housing and construction professional audience via our regular news bulletin*) 
  • Customer assurance about the energy performance of products – using the EST Approved brandmark in your marketing indicates that products have been checked by a trusted and independent organisation
  • Competitive advantage by differentiating your products from others in the market
  • Potential for increased loyalty from customers as you demonstrate commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability.

*EST Register has over 6,700 monthly visitors; EST Register bulletin is circulated to an influential audience of housing, construction and supply chain professionals. 

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