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What is SiCEDS?

Energy Saving Trust is working with the UCL Energy Institute and partners and to develop the ‘Stakeholder Interactive City Energy Demand Simulator’ (SiCEDS). Funded by Innovate UK, this tool will stimulate the development of effective sustainable energy systems in cities.

SiCEDS will allow stakeholders to see their city like never before, giving unprecedented insight into the potential for energy interventions at the touch of a button. Through facilitated, collaborative planning sessions we will transform city stakeholders ideas into early feasibility studies and business cases. 

Energy Saving Trust is currently working with Birmingham and Exeter City Councils to develop and demonstrate the tool towards the end of 2016. The tool will be available to cities across the UK from early 2017.

With SiCEDS, the Energy Saving Trust will lift projects off the drawing board and allow rapid evaluation of options using common indicators covering health, fuel poverty, air quality, cost and energy impacts.

Key functions

  • Deliver a comprehensive understanding of the current city energy demand and supply infrastructure before exploring the options for future developments
  • Give insights into the impacts on the shape and scale of demand of different levels of support for, and take up of, new energy technologies in buildings
  • Create a clear visualisation of the impacts of alternative energy efficiency support strategies on fuel poverty and CO2 emission reduction
  • Reveal the economic, energy and environmental impacts of moving to a more local architecture of energy supply within city or community boundaries
  • Enable cities to develop a strong ‘pipeline’ of energy infrastructure projects that are investable, have consensus agreement and stakeholders in place to deliver.

Learn more, download our SiCEDS information package >

Innovate UK is the new name for the Technology Strategy Board – the UK’s innovation agency.

Taking a new idea to market is a challenge. Innovate UK funds, supports and connects innovative businesses through a unique mix of people and programmes to accelerate sustainable economic growth.

The SBRI programme uses the power of government procurement to drive innovation.

It provides opportunities for innovative companies to engage with the public sector and gain contracts to solve specific problems. Competitions for new technologies and ideas are run on specific topics and aim to engage a broad range of organisations. SBRI enables the public sector to engage with industry during the early stages of development, supporting projects.

Next steps

SiCEDS information package

By downloading our information package, you can find out more information about SiCEDS

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