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Housing data analysis

Home Analytics

Housing Data AnalysisEnergy Saving Trust’s Home Analytics service offers data on the housing stock in Great Britain to help target energy saving activity. Using data, statistical modelling and GIS analysis, the team has developed a profile of every address in Great Britain to identify the likelihood of its potential for retrofit energy-saving measures.

Home Analytics can help your organisation to:
  • target customers for Feed-in Tariffs, RHI and Green Deal Home Improvement Fund measures
  • deliver measures to achieve ECO obligations 
  • develop effective strategies for improving local housing housing stock and securing funding
  • develop evidence based strategic business planning and market assessment 
  • understand more about your customers to improve engagement
  • target customers with the right products and messaging, accurately and cost-effectively 
  • develop bespoke data products based on specific needs relating to home energy queries (see Energy Performance Certificate data below).

Home Analytics is particularly useful for local authority managers involved with retrofitting homes with energy efficiency measures. 

Watch the recording of our recent webinar to find out more about how Home Analytics can help:

Housing stock data

The following table details datasets that are available for more than 95 per cent of addresses in Great Britain.

Wall type and insulation

Loft insulation level

Glazing type

Main heating fuel type

Boiler type

Property type

Property age

Property tenure

Number of bedrooms

Suitability for solid wall insulation

Roof orientation (solar PV/thermal)

Likelihood of ECO eligibility

Multiple dwelling units (identifying blocks of flats)*

Garden size*

Distance to nearest biomass supplier

m2 footprint of dwelling*

*Due to licensing restrictions these datasets are only available to the public sector.

Home Analytics will provide a statistically modelled probability of each address’s characteristics for each variable, based on the best available data. No actual data from household surveys is provided.

The cost of licensing the Home Analytics data is dependent on the numbers of addresses and data sets required. For more information on licences, email the team or telephone 0207 654 2608.

Energy Performance Certificate data

Data on Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) is available to certain organisations in England and Wales, such as local authorities and housing providers. EPC data provides a basis from which to develop strategies and action plans and to target activity. However, EPC data is generally only available for less than 40 per cent of the housing stock and can be subject to significant skews, biases and errors.

EST has developed expertise in making the best use of EPC data through our work as the keeper of the EPC Register in Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government. Based on sophisticated modelling techniques, EST can develop a modelled EPC for every address in a local authority area, based on the existing EPC record. This provides a powerful resource for delivering activity to improve energy efficiency and alleviate fuel poverty.

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